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My name is Linda Costello.  I was born over half a century ago in a small town in New England.  I was the first-born, and therefore the eldest and wisest of the five of us.  Around the time my brother was born two years after me, we moved into the little cape that would be my home for the next twenty or so years.  Within the next ten years, we would gain three more siblings, including a set of fraternal twins.

When I was 22, I left that home to be married to the man who would become the father of my own two children, Andy and Sean. 

We moved to the Southwest in 1996, and I have had the pleasure of watching my two sons grow up to be personable young men that bring a mother much pride. 

Our life has been full, and far from ordinary, but the boys were always central in my heart and will always be.

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